Fight for Life

Fight for Life

Friday, January 22, 2010


TODAY, we are grateful that the Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee made the decision to table an amendment to SB 6452 during executive session. Although the bill appears dead at this time, a procedural move could put the bill back in play. Therefore, we have people in Olympia actively monitoring legislative activities.

The Senators thanked the over 100 supporters of pregnancy support organizations who attended this meeting for participating in the governmental process regarding SB 6452.

What happened at this executive session was an excellent example of how the legislative system works.

We want to thank the following members of the Health and Long Term Care Committee for listening to our concerns and ideas:
  • Senator Karen Keiser, Chair  (360) 786-7664
  • Senator Rosa Franklin, President Pro Tempore  (360)  786-7656
  • Senator Cheryl Pfulg, Republican Deputy Leader  (360) 786-7608
  • Senator Randi Becker  (360)  786 7602
  • Senator Darlene Fairley   (360) 786-7662
  • Senator Chris Marr, Majority Whip  (360) 786-7610
  • Senator Ed Murray, Majority Caucus Chair  (360) 786-7628
  • Senator Linda Evans Parlette, Republican Caucus Chair  (360) 786-7622
Please call or email the members of the Health and Long Term Care Committee to thank them for understanding how important it was -- to hundreds of thousands of supporters of pregnancy help organizations in Washington State -- that SB 6452 was stopped.

THANK YOU to all of you who have been praying and supporting our efforts. While not everyone could be here in Olympia, everyone who cared about this issue had a part in stopping SB 6452.

IMPORTANT:  The bill could be resurrected anytime during the legislative session; therefore, we will continue to monitor this bill carefully and will update this blog often.


  1. Pro Choice Washington says PRC's give biased, false, and misleading information. Rather PRC's give medically accurate information on the most important point: that abortion takes the life of a human being. This vocal pro abortion minority’s refusal to acknowledge the scientific fact of preborn human life is what causes the confusion on what’s medically accurate or not. But let them demand scientific truth. In the end it should turn to our favor.

  2. The boldness of this attack is incredible! Singlingt out PRC's & PHMC's while protecting abortion providers. My prayers are with all of you in WA...we certainly do not want to see this in Illinois!

  3. I was curious who donated to the campaign of Rodney Tom, the Senator who sponsored this bill. Sure enough after checking the Public Disclosure Data, I quickly found that NARAL, Planned Parenthood and NOW were all BIG contributors and actively worked to get him elected. This needs to get out.....this is blood money and a little pay back in my opinion.

  4. I tried to contact my Rep Dawn Morrell in the 25th Dist. re HB 2837, but her page says that HB 2837 is an invalid bill number and will not accept my email.

    David Johnson

  5. I saw on PP action email that 2/1 is Lobby Day down in Olympia. Sure would be nice to get a counter show

  6. We have faced several negative bills in NY. Have you considered building a parallel track of short circuiting the bills by attempting to make them 'equitable?' Equitable meaning the bills should be written to apply to all women's health care organizations including abortion providers. Accountability and transparency are popular political bywords now. To make the bills equitable would serve to make them very unattractive to the rabid pro-abort agenda. The primary goal of the abortion industry to remain unregulated. It would take some doing but at the very least it would give your side of the fight the political and moral high road making the opposition's argument seem underhanded.

    Just some thoughts.
    Jim Harden

  7. The Senate Health and Long Term Care Committee was supposedly going to discuss SB 6452 and possibly vote on it today (Thurs., Feb. 4, 10 AM), but the good news is that they did neither. Pregnancy center supporters showed up in force. Thanks to all who attended! We need to keep up the pressure. Notify your legislators that you oppose SB 6452 and HB 2837.

  8. Praise the Lord and continuing to pray!

  9. Dear Senator Randi Becker
    My family just moved to Washington State from MASS. In Mass Same-Sex Marriage is legel. My partner and I married soon after it became legel. We have been together for 25 years, and we have a 9 year old son.

    Dear James,

    Thank you so much for contacting me and sharing your thoughts on domestic partnerships. As I am sure you know Senate Bill 5688 passed the senate on March 10th. I voted against this bill.

    This is a very emotional subject for many people. For people of faith it is especially difficlt. And I can tell it is very important to you.

    This is a subject you and I are going to disagree on. Although I completely respect your point of view, I feel strogngly that the traditional American Family is under attack. Children are being taught to be "tolerant" of every type of lifestyle, even if it goes against their family's basic belief system. Parent's who insturct their children on moral and ethical basics are often called bigots. I am storng supporter of the traditional family.

    In the state of Washington, Domestic Partnerships are recognized. There are provisions in law for all the legal issues that have been brought up. I do not think this bill was necessory.

    Thank you again for contacting me. Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is any whay I can ve of service to you in the future.
    I was shocked after read this letter. She called my family Second Class, and said others should not be tolerant of your family. Senator Becker only stands for a small group of people and turns her head on the rest of us.